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Calathea Lancifolia

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Calathea Lancifolia, also known as the rattlesnake plant, is a species of flowering plant in the Marantaceae family, native to Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil. The leaves of Lancifolia are variegated with dark green strokes on a silver green background and have a purple-red undersides. Like all the Calatheas, commonly called as "Prayer Plants", their leaves fold together at dusk and open again with the morning light, as if in praying.

Size options: In a 12cm or 19cm pot.
The plant will be delivered in a nursery pot.

Care Tips:
Light: It likes bright, indirect light. No direct sun, which will cause brown scorch marks on its leaves.
Water: Keep soil moist at all times.
Humidity: High humidity. Keep humidity levels high by regularly misting.
Temperature: 18ºC - 23ºC